Prenota Ora


the Sea Lipari is very clean and safe, with no strong currents and is perfect for long-distance swimming.

Tour of the island of Lipari is 38 km away. The roads are good and not too crowded, good for cycling road. The terrain is varied: flat and smooth, rolling hills and some short but steep climb, followed by splendid downhill, where you can enjoy great views of the other islands. It 'just a paradise!

 Jogging / Running / Speed / Walking:
There are wonderful trails of all types of land suitable for jogging and speed walking (brisk walking), winding streets through the ancient villages, shaded and wonderful trails open at the top of the cliffs on the sea. The explosion of sights and smells will leave you in awe and will remain a beautiful memory for months after your vacation!

 Fishing tourism:
During the summer season The tourist has the opportunity to play a leading role to traditional fishing, to observe and discover the tradition and culture of maritime activities on the environment by enriching their culture; taste the fish product freshly caught and cooked before your eyes; go to the new and isolated coves unreachable by land.

  Soccer and tennis 5:
For sports in the vicinity of the Hotel there are two tennis courts and a 5 football field.

 Nautical Tourism:
For those who 's main activity is to be "The Navigation" or simply the study of navigation in search of pristine marine destinations and little attend from mass tourism The island of Lipari is equipped with several piers and landings equipped where to leave own boat.

 Healthy and spa Tour:
The Aeolian Islands have a really rich heritage with thermal springs, steam and mud that possess healing properties, you can make some real tour involving as the main stages Le Terme di San Calogero and the Volcano spa area with its mud

  Wine and food:
For one who has a real passion for culture and the flavors among other activities, will have the opportunity to attend restaurants offering meals, local products and local wines and visiting wineries and food companies open to the public.

  Religious Tour:
are possible visits to religious sites (such as sanctuaries, churches, monasteries and sacred places), not only for the spiritual side, but also to appreciate their artistic and cultural beauty. Throughout the year there are different religious events and sacred festivals related to the maritime tradition Aeolian, the most important of all is the St. Bartholomew's Day, the patron saint of the Aeolian Islands, which is held every year on August 24, provides a scenic procession, several events of character not only cultural and religious but also playful like the scenic fireworks.

  Movie Tourism:
The Aeolian Islands over the years have turned into real film sets, some of the most beautiful places of the archipelago have become sought after location by some major directors such as Troisi, Rossellini and Moretti. Recently Lipari was paid as a set for "Edda Ciano and the Communist" and "Getaway Excursions" by G. Taviani.