Prenota Ora

Hotel Near Volcanic Black Beaches

One of the Garden Hotel’s main features is its proximity to the characteristic black beaches of Vulcano, which are symbolic of the entire island.

The beach is just one and a half kilometres away and can be reached comfortably on foot in around 15 minutes when taking the Via Lentia, the Strada Provinciale 179 and the Via Porto Ponente.

This is one of Mother Nature’s true gems which is admired and envied world-wide, the most important feature being the black colour of the sand because of its volcanic origin.

The chromatic contrasts are also eye-catching and captivating, to say the least, with the dark background provided by the black lava stone and the sea’s crystalline waters. Then there is also the play of light from the sun’s rays which can generate reflections that look like crystals.

This is a truly spectacular location in which the whole family can enjoy a swim.  The water is also recommended for babies and small children because the beaches have a very soft gradient.


The Garden Hotel is perfect for summer holidays because it is also close to some of Vulcano’s other beaches.

Just 800 metres away, you will find the “Fumarole” beach with waters that are heated by the sulphurous steam that is generated by gaseous underwater springs.

With a car, you can also reach two other fairy-tale locations that are situated towards the south of the island.

“Gelso” beach boasts crystal clear blue sea water and is overlooked by an impressive lighthouse which provides spectacular views across the Saracen coast and towards Mount Etna.

“Asino” beach is undoubtedly one of the most popular and thus, quite busy.  It is a cove of black sand with a beach that lights up the island evenings and nights with music, special events and plenty of fun which attracts all the young people.